MYTH: A dog instructor can totally train your puppy for you.

Dog TrainerFACT: It’s popular thinking that hiring a dog instructor will make your dog magically trained. Would you do the same with your kid? Would you expect him later to obey you and listen to your commands? Certainly not! The same is true for dogs. The belief of passing on a problematic dog to trainer, and then returning the dog trained and all ready to go, is complete rubbish. It just doesnt work that way. Dogs arent machines. The great secret to training victory is gaining your dog’s trust and respect.

MYTH: In order to positively train a dog you should use a clicker.

ClickerFACT: I am certain you’re familiar with those clicking devices that puppy owners use to show their dogs they have performed something good. They next follow up the click and reward the puppy with a treat to train them positive behaviors. It seems that much of this makes sense, but unfortunately this teaching technique absolutely misses the point. Dogs are extremely intelligent and highly perceptive animals, and using a clicker to correspond with your puppy is not only not necessary, but it indeed complicates the situation. A clicker makes a barier beetween you and your dog. Throw away your clicker since it is just a waste of time.

MYTH: My dog urinates inside because I leave him alone.

Dog urinatingFACT: There are quite a lot of causes why your puppy is urinating at home:
1) There may possibly be a medical cause such as urinary tract infection
2) He is suffering from extreme separation anxiety and is in distress.
3) You left him alone longer than you can rationally require your puppy to hold his bladder.
4) He isn’t completely disciplined. Dogs do not have a process thought that allows them to sense that urinating in the house may cause you angree If your puppy isn’t fully trained, occasionally it’s easier to revert and start at the beginning like he is still a young puppy and be certain you are utterly consistent on supervising him inside and rewarding him for going outdoors.
Occasionally changes like moving to a new place can generate mix-up for you puppy too. As a precaution you may take him to a vet to exclude potential medical causes.

MYTH: Shouting to train a dog is acceptable

Shouting at dogFACT: Several people think that in order to earn their dog respect it is essential to shout loudly at him. It takes a small amount of time to discover that it has no positive result. The more you shout at a puppy, the more he becomes resistant to it over time. Eventually dogs learn to wholly ignore all their commands. The real trick to teaching a dog properly has nil to do with shouting. Its all about obtaining your dogs trust so he wants to obey you.